Your Minute of Fame in VSA

It is not fair to ask of others what you are not willing to do yourself. — Eleanor Roosevelt

minutemenMinutemen, Minutewomen, let your voices be heard…literally!  This is free speech at it’s best.  You can make a speech…and it is free!  VSA charges you nothing for the privilege of speaking your mind.  If your speech is worthy of sharing with the Virtizens we will do so.  Just let ‘er rip but limit your speech to ONE MINUTE!  Verbosity will be penalized.  Speeches longer than one minute may fall on the cutting room floor.

Use the VSA Minute of Fame Hotline Connector widget in the sidebar to the right by clicking the widget.  Enter your phone number and click Connect.  You’ll receive a phone call and will be connected to the Minute of Fame Hotline.  If however, you’re “old fashioned” you can just call the Minute of Fame Hotline at

937.OURVSA2 (937.687.8722)

right now in the “normal way” to make your speech.  Your speech can be on any topic, serious or humorous, for attribution or anonymous.  Either way VSA wants to know what you have to say.  Once your speech has been made we will be notified and our expert panel of reviewers will judge the import of what you have to say.  If your speech is deemed worthy of sharing with the Virtizens we will do so.

Not all speeches will be published to the site.  By making a speech at OURVSA2 you implicitly grant Virtual States of America the right to share it with the Virtizens.  Check the site to see if your speech has been posted.  Share it with your friends and neighbors on other social media.


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