Aims of Virtual States of America

Virtual States of America (VSA) is a community organized on the internet – a virtual country.

Storm clouds are gathering, the signs are obvious

VSA is a website with the perspective that our actual country, the USA, is headed in the wrong direction politically, economically and morally and we have a limited amount of time in which to change directions before the country that we love is finally lost to us and to our posterity.  It may continue to be called the United States but it is becoming and will be an impostor, a cheap imitation, the United States in name only.  It has strayed so far away from the ideals and philosophies of the people who founded and subsequently defended the country that it is becoming unrecognizable in its present form.

Virtual States of America also has the perspective that if you’re going to be objective you have to admit that both major political parties are in roughly equal parts responsible along with the judicial branch and the media for the decline that continues to occur.  Underlying all that is also a prevalent  cultural sickness in which evil is called good.  We the people are letting our country down.

So Virtual States of America aims to attract people who share this perspective and who are concerned for the future of our country to discuss the problems and propose solutions in a rational and respectful way.  We aim to provide a platform for YOUR voice to be heard.  Why should our country’s fate be left to self-serving politicians while we abdicate our responsibilities and watch in horror as our country goes by the wayside?

If you agree with this perspective and would like more information go to

Manifesto – Virtual States of America

Spend some time exploring the website.  Sign up and join in the discussions.  Invite your like-minded friends to join us and help to make our collective voices heard.  We cannot expect the prevailing media to speak for us.  We must find a path around them to the People and that is where the internet comes in.  We offer Virtual  States of America to you free of charge as a platform upon which to climb in order to state your opinions and to defend our country against political, financial and moral bankruptcy.

Let your voice be heard.  There is strength in numbers.  There is not much time.

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