9/11 Commission-style Economic Solution?

we_the_peopleSince our elected leaders seem incapable of coming to terms with the problems we face with debt, taxation, entitlements, etc. VSA proposes a 9/11 Commission-style process in which stakeholders would meet over a period of two years and decide what course needs to be taken in order to get the USA on the path to financial sanity. Members of the Administration and Congress or any of their appointees would be specifically EXCLUDED.  The commission stakeholders should be private citizens from various walks of life, similar to our original Constitutional Convention.

VSA proposes to name this body Serving America’s Vital Economy Commission or simply the SAVE Commission.

At the beginning of the process the President, Senators and Representatives would be asked to publicly sign pledges to enact the plan adopted by the SAVE Commission without amendment or delay or resign from their offices in disgrace and ignominy. VSA would propose that they commit suicide on the National Mall but some might consider that too harsh and so in order to try to build consensus around this SAVE Commission idea resignation would be an acceptable and humane alternative. VSA would also consider exile to Greece as an acceptable penalty for breaking the pledge.

The SAVE Commission concept would relieve the elected officials of being blamed for voting for what has to be done which is a combination of increased tax revenue, permanent and deep spending cuts, changes to taxation policy, reductions in entitlements, elimination of baseline budgeting – an all of the above approach such as what was discussed with regard to energy policy during the recent presidential campaign.

Please tell us what you think?  Would you support such a process and be willing to live by the decisions made assuming the Commission is fairly and equitably comprised of the appropriate stakeholders?


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