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Premise of Health Insurance Reform Poll:

VSA asserts that the entire Affordable Care Act process was corrupt and flawed and is in favor of a message being sent to President Obama and Congress that this is not the way to run our country.  While it is probably not feasible at this point to repeal the law it is not to late to radically change and improve it based on a rational and transparent process  and honest debate.


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Results of Health Insurance Reform Poll:


76% of respondents agree with VSA that the ACA (aka, “ObamaCare”) process was flawed and corrupt and that it should be radically changed and sending a message to President Obama and Congress that this is no way to run our country.  VSA, although it cannot prove it with 100% certainty, believes that the 16% who deemed ACA/ObamaCare a good idea must be from Chicago or live in the White House.


Only 20% of respondents say they agreed with ACA/ObamaCare when it was originally conceived and passed while 68% disagreed.  Only 16% of repsondents are now in favor of ACA/ObamaCare which represents some people changing their minds now that as Nancy Pelosi famously said “We have to pass it so we can find out what is in it.”  12% have changed their minds about ACA/ObamaCare which means more than ever before are opposed to it.


Premise of 9/11 Commission-style Economic Solution:

Since our elected leaders seem incapable of coming to terms with the problems we face with debt, taxation, entitlements, etc. VSA proposes a 9/11 Commission-style process called the SAVE Commission in which stakeholders would meet over a period of two years and decide what course needs to be taken in order to get the USA on the path to financial sanity. Members of the Administration and Congress or any of their appointees would be specifically EXCLUDED.  The commission stakeholders should be private citizens from various walks of life, similar to our original Constitutional Convention.


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Results for 9/11 Commission-style Economic Solution:

9/11 Commission results2

70.6% of respondents considered a 9/11 Commission-style Economic solution, the SAVE Commission, to be a good or excellent idea.  Only 11.8% considered it a poor idea and no one considered it a bad idea.

9/11 Commission answers2

An equal number of respondents, 35.3% said they either would or would not advocate the idea of a SAVE Commission to their friends and family although a plurality of 41.5% to 23.5% said they would support the SAVE Commission or something similar.

VSA’s analysis of those results is that the 35.3%  who said they would not advocate a SAVE Commission to family or friends just do not like the name and that if the name were changed then they would be supportive.  That seems the only viable explanation to our seasoned panel of poll analysis experts.

A plurality of 35.3% to 23.5% said they would not direct friends and family to VSA to read about the SAVE Commission idea.

While that is disappointing to VSA our seasoned panel of poll analysis experts in looking at the precinct by precinct exit polling results from our vast network of poll taking operatives feel that the just over 40% who said they didn’t know or had no opinion were suffering from media induced stupifaction and can just be lumped in with the 23.5% to claim a massive wave of support for the idea similar to the way President Obama’s supporters claim a mandate for his policies.


Premise for Volunteers of America Poll:

If you could be certain that the federal government would manage its finances in accordance with sound principles going forward, would you be willing to voluntarily get by on less in retirement in order to help solve the USA debt problem and give the next generation the gift of being debt free?

Results for Volunteers of America Poll:


87.5% of respondents agreed that the premise is good or excellent.  No one rated it a bad idea.


50% of respondents said they would be willing to forego some retirement income in order to give the next generation the gift of being debt free.  VSA believes it will take everyone either by choice or by government policy to accept less retirement income (at least from sources such as government pensions and social security) in order to play one part in an “all of the above” approach to solving our debt crisis.

Only 12.5% of respondents said they would manage their finances like the federal government.  VSA believes those 12.5% may be in charge of government finances or may have flunked their accounting class.

25% said they are in favor of the status quo when it comes to taxation, deficit spending and entitlements.  VSA interprets that to mean that 25% of respondents are in favor of bankruptcy and financial ruin.

Perhaps you disagree with VSA’s interpretation?  VSA would love to have you register and comment.  Come, let us reason together.  ;-)


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