High Praise from Jim Carrey?


Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. — Eleanor Roosevelt


Today we are witnessing high praise and accolades for gun ownership, gun rights advocacy and second amendment protection in the form of a bunch of publicity involving Jim Carrey, a noted celebrity to whose credit are thought provoking movies such as Dumb and Dumber, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and The Mask.  I cannot remember any others but I’m certain there must be some.  These works demonstrate Mr. Carrey’s bona fides as an expert on moral imperatives and establish him as a former movie star who could command $20 million dollars per grade C movie.  His celebrityhood at one time eclipsed that of many other celebrities.  Lately he has been mostly invisible until this latest crusade.  Still people must sit up and take notice.  Perhaps he will now reach his full potential for animating people through political activism.  Like a former “movie star” he may one day become President himself.

Mr. Carrey is vying to become the third most leading promoter of gun and ammo purchases behind President Obama and Vice President Biden.  Only time will tell if he can effectively sway public opinion.  Today serious gun owners and self-defense advocates are quaking in their boots and huddled in fear and shame in their homes because Jim Carrey has launched this campaign of ridicule.  They will doubtless turn from their evil ways, turn in their guns and apologize for ever exercising their right to keep and bear arms.  How will they be able to stand under the pressure?  This is bound to be a turning point in the debate.  Being called a “heartless” so-and-so by Jim Carrey is too shameful of an epithet.  People who have serious concerns about constitutional rights and views unpopular to former hollywood stars are likely to find the pressure too much.  As can be seen in recent developments, opposition to people buying the kind of weapons Mr. Carrey objects to by the likes of Mr. Carrey and his fellow crusaders, Obama, Feinstein, Biden, et al leads to suppression of the purchase of those kinds of weapons on a massive scale.

Hopefully Mr. Carrey has attained a certain catharsis through his “Malox moment”.  There is no doubt that he has changed the debate.  Thoughtful people everywhere are reflecting today on whether or not they should go through with their planned “assault rifle” purchase if they could ever find one or any ammo if they already own one, so effective has the campaign been to ban them from common use.  Hats must be doffed out of respect for Mr. Carrey.  Well done, sir.


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