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War is the unfolding of miscalculations. — Barbara Tuchman

All are welcome to visit the Virtual States of America.  The VSA has no borders and a liberal immigration policy.  The VSA has no tax policy or tax laws.  People of every race, creed and color are welcome in the VSA.

You are invited to immigrate to the Virtual States of America!  Let your voice be heard.  Contributing to VSA is EASY.


Step 1 – Explore Virtual States of America
Step 2 – Sign Up
Step 3 – Join Discussion Groups
Step 4 – Start Contributing
Step 5 – Create Your Own Discussion Topics
Step 6 – Invite Friends
Step 7 – Create Your Own Discussion Groups
Step 8 – Experience Your VSA Minute of Fame

Step 1 – Explore Virtual States of America

Explore the menus at the top of the page to learn more about Virtual States of America. Familiarize yourself with the groups and forums. We would like to have your feedback about the site. You can use the Contact menu item under About VSA to send VSA your feedback. Virtizens would like your feedback by way of comments and discussion in the various groups.

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Step 2 – Sign up

Signing up is referred to as “immigrating” to the VSA.

In order to contribute you must Apply for Virtizenship (become a “Virtizen”).
Sign up by clicking the “Sign Up” button or select Apply for Virtizenship under the Call to Action! menu.
By signing up you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set forth in the policies.

Registering using your Facebook account:  If you have a Facebook account, a convenient option is to use it to register with VSA!  This can save you time and make it more convenient for you to interact with your facebook account from VSA as well as inviting your friends in Facebook to join us over here in VSA.

On the Sign Up form you’ll see a button near the top that says “Register using your Facebook account”. Once you click that button scroll down to the form, verify your information, supply the security check information and finally click the Register button.  This registration using your Facebook account is completely optional.

Registering without using your Facebook account: If you choose to register without using your Facebook account that is perfectly fine.  In the form provided just enter some basic information about yourself. Users who sign up are referred to as “Virtizens”, ie. virtual citizens of the Virtual States of America.

Username: Under Account Details, this is the name you will use to sign in to VSA each time you visit the site. This can be your actual name or a pseudonym. NOTE: Spaces are not allowed in your Account Name. Spaces will be replaced with a hyphen and you’ll need to remember that when you login later (e.g., John Q. Citizen will become John-Q.-Citizen whereas JohnQCitizen will remain JohnQCitizen)

Name: Under Profile Details, this is the name you want displayed when you contribute topics, comments and replies. It is the name other users of the site will know you by. Spaces ARE allowed in the Username. Your user name can be your actual name or a pseudonym, a nom de plume as it were.

Password: Use a password that cannot be easily guessed and which you can remember. While VSA has good security, you are responsible for using a reasonably secure password just like on other social media sites. You wouldn’t want to be “spoofed” on the site by someone who guesses your password.

Email Address:  This should be a valid email address.  We will use this email address to validate your identity.  This is for your protection as you wouldn’t want someone impersonating you on the site.  This is also designed to prevent software “robots” from registering.

Avatar: An avatar is an image that represents you as you’d like to be represented on the site. It can be a picture of yourself or some other image such as a fanciful representation if you are using a nom de plume. Your avatar will be displayed next to any content you contribute to the site just as your Profile Name will be. Your Profile Name and avatar make up our online identity within VSA. Avatars are optional but if you don’t use one you’ll be represented by a default image. You are encouraged to have an interesting avatar.

Security:  When signing up, as is commonly required on other sites,  you will be required to enter security words or phrases in order to prove you are a human and not a software “robot” spammer trying to gain access to the site to bombard us with spam.  Virtizens believe in freedom of speech but not for the purpose of spamming.

Once you complete the sign up process, you will be sent a confirmation email at the email address you specified for your account.  Check your email for a message from VSA and click the link in the email to activate your account.  You will be redirected to the VSA site and you should receive a message saying that your account has been successfully activated.  If for any reason you do not receive the confirmation email make sure you entered the email address correctly and if necessary use the Contact menu to contact us and we’ll get it straightened out.

Congratulations!  You will now have immigrated to the Virtual States of America and you can begin enjoying the full rights and privileges of Virtizenship.

Read our Privacy Policy. We won’t sell your info to anyone.

If you have any problem at all signing up with Virtual States of America please use the Contact form or email us directly at feedback@virtualstatesofamerica.com.

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Step 3 – Join Discussion Groups

Join existing or create new Discussion Groups.

Groups are like blogs but open to any group member to start a discussion topic.

If you are not ready to join any groups you may simply visit some of the existing groups and read the topics that others have created but in order to comment or create your own topics you will need to join the group. Don’t be shy. We want to hear what you have to say.  Let your voice be heard.


VSA content is organized under Discussion Groups.  Each Discussion Group is like a blog with a certain theme except that anyone in the group can contribute discussion topics in the blog rather than a single blogger.  Virtizens can join one or more Groups.  Each Group has a Forum that can be accessed once the Group has been joined.  Group members can create discussion topics in the Forums of the Groups or they can comment on the topics created by other Virtizens.  Don’t be shy.  Comment on topics.  Create topics for others to comment on.  Evoke comments.  Provoke thoughts.   But if you want to actively contribute you’ll want to join some groups and participate in the marketplace of ideas.

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Step 4 – Start Contributing

Start contributing and inviting others to contribute!

Each Discussion Group has a Forum (eg., Political Discourse). Within the forums you will find Topics which other Virtizens who are members of the groups have contributed. You may agree or disagree with the viewpoints of other Virtizens and you are invited to engage in respectful, thoughtful and at times humorous discussion.

Discussion Groups are listed on the lefthand side of the page (The Forums of VSA) and can be sorted by several different categories such as Active, Newest and Popular.

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Step 5 – Create Your Own Discussion Topics

Once you have joined a Discussion Group you can create new discussion Topics (similar to a blog post) or comment on other Virtizens’ topics.

Select a Group of which you are a member from the Groups Directory and in which you want to create a new Topic.
Click on the Forum link.
Click the New Topic link.
Enter a Title for your Topic – Titles should be brief but catchy or thought provoking.
Enter the text of your Topic – Topics can be like essays (your personal opinions). You can include links to other material available on the internet that you want to call other Virtizens’ attention to or that illustrate the point of your posting like other blog posts on external blogs, websites or videos.

Making comments on other Virtizens’ Topics is self-explanatory.

Enter Tags for your topic – Tags are keywords that will help others locate your topic based on keyword searches in the site and also in search engines like Google.

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Step 6 – Invite Friends

Invite other Virtizens to be your friends and invite friends from other social media to join us in the Virtual States of America. Share your posts and other Virtizens’ posts of interest to you with your friends on other social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, etc. We want to build up a community of people here in the VSA.

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Step 7 – Create Your Own Discussion Groups

Create your own Discussion Groups.

As stated earlier, Groups are similar to blogs in that they tend to have a special interest or focus.  Normally blogs present the opinion of the blogger and others can simply comment on the bloggers articles.  With a group in VSA any Virtizen who is a member of the group can post topics for discussion in the group, so it can be thought of as a “group blog”, a discussion group.   This concept should seem familiar to anyone who is accustomed to participating in groups on other social media such as Facebook or LinkedIn.

There are a number of Discussion Groups already created but if you do not find one that suits you or you think the site is lacking an interesting group, you can create your own groups and invite other users to join them. When you define a new group you can control whether the group is public or private, who may post or comment, etc. As the owner of your group you may moderate it but Virtual States of America would expect you to abide by the rules established by the site and defined in the Terms and Conditions and The Laws of the Land. You may even allow others members of the group to administer or moderate the groups you create.

Navigate to the Groups Directory – Call to Action! menu Discussion Groups menu item or click The Forums of VSA left-hand side of page.
Click the “Create a Group” button next to the Groups Directory title.
Complete each section and continue through all the steps of Group creation.
An Avatar is the image you want displayed next to your Group – an image that adds interest to your Group.
You can always come back and change the configuration of your group later if you change your mind about anything related to the configuration.  As the creator of the group you can even delete it later if you choose.

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Step 8 – Experience Your VSA Minute of Fame

minutemenUse the Minute of Fame Hotline Connector widget (“Call Me”) in the sidebar to the right by clicking the widget. Enter your 10-digit area code and phone number in the fields that pop up and click Connect. You’ll receive a phone call from VSA almost immediately, so be prepared. Answer your phone and you will be prompted to dial “1″ to be connected to the VSA Minute of Fame Hotline.

If however, you’re “old fashioned” you can just call the VSA Minute of Fame Hotline

937.OURVSA2 (937.687.8722)

at any time in the “normal way” to make your speech.

In either case, VSA charges nothing for the call and once you are connected you will hear a brief message. Be prepared to speak your piece at the end of the message. Please try to limit your message to ONE MINUTE.

Here’s even more information about VSA Minute of Fame.

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