Laws of the Land

Virtizen Dos: Virtizens shall be respectful. Virtizens shall be innovative. Virtizens shall serve their fellow man. Virtizens shall serve their country. Virtizens shall be resolute without combativeness. Virtizens shall be humorous. Virtizens shall exhibit contrition when in error. Virtizens shall eschew obfuscation. Virtizens shall be factual as much as facts can be ascertained. Virtizen Don’ts: Virtizens shall refrain from foul, hateful and abusive language. Virtizens are NOT perfect. Virtizens disdain political correctness.…

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Your Minute of Fame in VSA

Minutemen, Minutewomen, let your voices be heard…literally!  This is free speech at it’s best.  You can make a speech…and it is free!  VSA charges you nothing for the privilege of speaking your mind.  If your speech is worthy of sharing with the Virtizens we will do so.  Just let ‘er rip but limit your speech to ONE MINUTE!  Verbosity will be penalized.  Speeches…

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