Life or Death – A Struggle

Recent events have led me to comment on the abortion debate.  Those events are the Kermit Gosnell abortion butcher trial and the controversy in Texas regarding new restrictions on abortion and the abortion industry.  These two events compel me to state my views in this space and elsewhere.  While I cannot force my views on anyone I would seek to…

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Revolving Door Corruption

National Association of Insurance Commissioners named former Democratic Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska as its chief executive officer.  This is akin to appointing a bank robber to head the banker’s association.  This guy is a symbol of corruption and the kind of shenanigans that helped put Congress’ approval rating in the proverbial toilet. He is so corrupt he was basically…

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To Frack or Not To Frack, That is a Question

There’s a lot of controversy over “fracking” nowadays.  Fracking is an oil and natural gas drilling technique that has been around for decades but now due to the renewed boom in drilling and the potential environmental impact of the technology a lot of disagreement has developed. A “documentary” movie named Gasland has resulted in a lot of publicity and responses…

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