Life or Death – A Struggle

Recent events have led me to comment on the abortion debate.  Those events are the Kermit Gosnell abortion butcher trial and the controversy in Texas regarding new restrictions on abortion and the abortion industry.  These two events compel me to state my views in this space and elsewhere.  While I cannot force my views on anyone I would seek to…

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How Did We Get Here?

Submitted by Guest Contributor – LibertyOrDeath “In the past our nation was predominantly Christian, the religion.”  A most concise expression of where America started from a religious/spiritual standpoint!  The thing one must do, taking that starting point into consideration, is to look at where we are now, and then try to understand how we got here. Furthermore, we must ask…

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What About Self-Control?

All the news nowadays seems to be about gun control.  Then there is weight control, controls on financial institutions, controls on immigration, all sorts of controls.  But nobody is talking about self-control. Wouldn’t most of our problems be resolved if our citizens just exercised self-control?  It seems that everyone wants “individual freedom” which to them means I can do whatever…

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